Midwest Pride ‘22/‘23 Tryouts

Now's your chance to tryout for the most well-known softball team in the country, the USSSA Pride! Our affiliate, the Midwest USSSA Pride, will be having its annual tryouts at the end of July for all age divisions. We acknowledge some travel programs have tried to expedite the end of the travel season in hopes of gaining early commitments, our questionnaire allows you to request an earlier tryout to make sure Pride coaches get to see your daughter.

The Pride is a part of Harris Baseball Softball, a 501 3(c) non profit with 8 fields in Granger, IN. Each of the dedicated softball fields have lights and are able to host a multitude of practices and games. With tax benefits and low field rates the Pride is one of the most affordable and attractive travel programs in the Midwest.

The Pride is a year-round travel program that is looking for girls with a passion for the sport driven to succeed as both a person and a player. The Pride will be comprised of solely B and A teams for the 2022-2023 season.


What age levels will the Pride be having teams at this coming season?

8U- August 31st 6-7

10U- July 25th 6-8

11U- July 25/26th 6-8

12U- July 26th 6-8

13U- July 25th 6-9

14U- July 25th 6-9

14U- July 25th 6-9

16U- July 26th 6-9

18U- July 26th 6-9


What time of the year does this program run?

The Pride is a year-round program that takes breaks in the winter and during the holiday seasons.

Travel softball season starts shortly after tryouts at the end of summer. Some teams and managers elect to play in some fall tournaments, indoor winter tournaments, then continue with their season throughout the spring and summer.


How many games will they play? What days of the week?

Teams typically play between 12-16 tourneys per year, usually on the weekends.


Are jerseys provided or are they purchased separately?

All bags, socks, pants, and jerseys are typically included with regular fees unless noted by the coach. Bats, gloves, and shoes are usually not included.


Team dues will vary based on expected tournament costs. Managers attempt to forecast the cost of uniforms, indoor facility use, and tournament fees for the season. That cost is divided amongst the team. Teams often use sponsor funds and/or fundraising funds to offset the cost of player fees or tournament fees.

In addition to normal dues you can expect to pay for gate and hotel fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

My daughter’s current team is having early tryouts, can we have an earlier tryout with the Pride coaches?

Absolutely. We recognize strategies to force early commitments before the end of the season and will set up a private tryout to make sure your daughter gets seen!

My daughter may lose her spot if she attends other tryouts, can a tryout be kept confidential?

We are happy to have a private and confidential tryout.

I’m concerned my daughter will be disappointed if she doesn’t make a team.

While not all girls will make a Pride team each girl will get a lot of great work and skill development at the tryouts.

Our coaches are excellent at building rapport with other programs in the area and if we see a better fit you can be assured we’ll give guidance where needed.

My daughter may lose her spot if she attends other tryouts, can a tryout be kept confidential?

We are happy to have a private and confidential tryout.

Why is playing for the Pride such a big deal?

Awesome question! The Pride is subject to not only high standards set by the board of trustees but also those of the National organization requiring high level teams that develop skillsets sought by high school and colleges coaches nationally.

The Pride also boasts multiple facilities and relationships with hitting and pitching coaches, several of which already coach Pride teams. We got lights! Our 6 lit fields allow our girls to always play under the lights. Our program is governed by Harris, its non-profit status allows for fees typically 40% less than programs in similar classes.

Our program is like a large family, fellowship and team bonding is a large part of our success… who doesn't want to wear the red, white, and blue?

What about the younger ages, the Pride often has had an 8U and a 9U?

We're open to teams if the right coach shows a dedicated interest in running a team. We are still very committed to allowing winter facility time for our aspiring Pride players when it doesn't necessarily make sense to have travel teams at ages where there are no other local teams to play.

Midwest Pride 2022-2023 Season

Registration for the Midwest Pride 2022-2023 Tryouts

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