Wheels for Holly

Holly, a devoted single mother, shares her life with her two wonderful daughters, Amya and Ari, who radiate kindness and warmth with their outgoing personalities. Ari's involvement with Harris through recreational sports and the Pride team has been a cherished part of their journey for several years.

Within the community, Holly is not only known for her nurturing nature but also for her creative talents in crafts and baking. She readily lends her skills to benefit others, embodying the true spirit of generosity and kindness.

Tragically, Holly recently experienced a setback when her vehicle was vandalized, leaving it with shattered windows and significant mechanical issues that rendered it too costly to repair. This loss has added an extra layer of challenge to Holly's already demanding role as a single mother.

Recognizing Holly's dedication and the invaluable contributions she makes to her family and community, Harris is eager to extend support by helping her secure reliable transportation. We're rallying to assist Holly in acquiring a new vehicle, and we invite you to join us in reaching this important goal! Our fundraising efforts will continue until opening day, and any contribution you can make would be greatly appreciated. You can donate conveniently through Venmo, by sending a check, or by making a cash donation during opening day festivities.

Together, we have the power to create a significant impact in Holly's life, just as she has touched the lives of countless others.

• Venmo - @HBSAnnualFund
• Check - Harris Baseball Softball (Note: Holly)
• Cash


Sponsors wanting to make a donation of prizes towards the raffle can email: sponsorships@harrisbaseballsoftball.com

Thank you Michiana Dodge Jeep Chrysler, Paddyshack, and Uptown Kitchen for the donations!