October Board Meeting Minutes

October Board Meeting Minutes

Treasure Autumn Nguyen (Mike to help, also training with any new or old gray areas, will help make black/white)

  • Pays bills
  • Manages money and helps with financial decisions
  • Works with sponsors, helping with banners, donations
  • Allocation of funds

Softball Commissioner Kelly Brabec

  • Claire to help if needed
  • Inventory at start and end of season

Fundraising Coordinators Claire and Evan Walker

  • Donators and benefactors

Trainer/Scheduling /Notes Mike Bernard

  • Sarah will email both Mike and Zach notes

Vice President Brandon Anderson

  • Controls trophies and uniforms

Marketing Josh Taylor

  • Helps with uniforms
  • 23K in 2023
  • Promotes park and graphic design
  • Still need dugout banners and sponsorship banners up

Secretary Sarah

  • Opening day festivities
  • Handing out pictures and team plaques to sponsors

Baseball sub commissioner Brian VanDyne

  • Assist Ben
  • Running machine pitch
  • Minors - Steve Shaw
  • Majors/Seniors & IUSB liaison - Jason Chicowicz

Storm Travel Coordinator Santiago Rodriguez

  • New position
  • Party, team jerseys, prizes, group discounts, negotiate scrimmages, website for travel

UIC Mike Hoy

  • Took over Pride travel team
  • In charge of umpires

Concessions Manager

  • Looking for one
  • Looking for someone that wants to take it and make it their own, take charge, own it

Grounds Operations

  • Fixing score board controllers and should be up and running by April, costs about $40

IUSB travel team usage - Mike to reach out

Future Meetings - Tuesdays seem to be good

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