January Board Meeting Minutes

  • Registration: going well, some board members have signed up and it’s flawless. Some questions have come in and Claire has responded. I had one and handed off to Claire as it was softball related.
  • Winter workout update: going well
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods: dates to come look for one in Feb and 1 in March and try to plan on at least 1 hour to sit.
  • Need tryout dates/evaluations for minors and majors. Looking at 2/28 for regular rate cut off and March 15 final cut off and tryouts sometime soon after.
  • Opening day: May 6, wanting to try and plan a bounce house/dunk tank if anyone has any ideas please reach out to Sarah
  • Talk of a movie night at the park. Example Sandlot or A League of Their Own (sometime in July) Ben has a screen
  • Fundraising: Harris is unique because we own it all therefore easy to get in trouble if we aren’t careful with how things are done/run.
  • Picture dates: May 16,17,18 See Brandon if you have any questions
  • Bathroom/dugout projects: Masonry no longer available that we had lined up so we are starting from scratch. If you know of one, please reach out to Dave or Brandon.
  • Financials: not a lot of activity.
  • Brandon says we need an ATM machine. I suggested getting a Venmo for the park.
  • Sarah to look into a upright stand alone freezer from Camden’s scratch and dent and/or marketplace.

As far as schedule and practice goes: tentative layout is as follows

  • 2 practices on each field every night
  • all except for 4U because those are included with their games.
  • 14 practices/night
  • 6U/ 1 hour practice

Overview of what tentative practice/game schedules would look like

  • 4 U: Saturday mornings (plan on 10 teams)
  • 2 teams outfield, 2 teams infield
  • 10am practice/10:30 game (Fields 1+2)
  • 10:30 practice/11am game (Fields 3+4)
  • 6U: 6 teams (60 kids) softball and baseball
  • 3 pitches off a coach and if they don’t hit a tee a brought out
  • 1 hour, 15 min to clear the field for next teams
  • Game times either 5:15 and 6:30 (Most likely this due to school still being in session) Or 5:30 and 6:45.
  • Machine pitch
  • Field 8 Softball
  • Fields 5 and 6 Baseball
  • 65 min game and/or finish inning
  • 5:30 and 6:45 games
  • practices and games will take place on Friday nights (5:15 and 6:45)
  • Saturday am 10am
  • Sunday evenings (5:15 and 6:45)
  • Minors Baseball and 10 U softball
  • Fridays 5:30 and 7pm
  • 75 min game
  • Majors
  • 5:30 and 7pm games
  • Field 7 only
  • 12U Fields 1&2
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