February Board Minutes

  1. IUSB Contract:
  2.  IUSB has signed, they are waiting for Dave to sign, Doug has the invoice for 2024.
  3. Penn Park Scheduling:
  4. Seniors baseball, field 7
  5. Seniors softball (does Penn park have softball?)
  6. Zach will work with Dave 
  7. Dick’s Days:
  8. March 2 and 3
  9. Helping to register etc 
  10. March 2:10-12 Josh Taylor and Brandon
  11. March 2: 12-2 Brian and/kids
  12. March 3:10-12 Kelly Brabec and Mike Johnson
  13. March 3: 12-2 Dave and Ben Bournay
  14. Interleague Schedule:
  15. Have to wait and see how many teams we have, just depends
  16. Softball 12u, 14-18U most likely
  17. Opening Day:
  18. Bounce a Rama and no generator 
  19. Face painter $200
  20. Coney Express available entire time but customers pay
  21. Urban Swirl (Josh will reach out)
  22. Swoop from SB Cubs(11-12)
  23. Traveling Toms coffee (9-2)
  24. Kona Ice (10-2)
  25. Dunk tank(?) (Brandon will call and ask if they will donate)
  26. Concession Stand:
  27. New Square
  28. New Products
  29. Price Increases
  30. Scheduling Evaluations:
  31. Kelly and Ben leading
  32. Need Dave to get dates on the calendar March 23 baseball and softball on same day but different time slots (1 ½ for each age group) ask Dave 
  33. Equipment ordering:
  34. Ben needs to order catchers gear, everything will be ordered middle of March/first week of April and will be here by spring break
  35. Equipment on hand (Kelly tried going through) pretty inconsistent over the last couple of years so hard to tell
  36. 4U needs lots of equipment 
  37. Need catchers gear, tees
  38. Park Opening: 
  39. April 13 barring any changes
  40. Sponsorships:
  41. Will be covered more in-depth next meeting
  42. Coaches background checks:
  43. These have been bought and paid for. Whenever you communicate to interested coaches Ben send a link from Kelly. 
  44. Rec League Schedule:
  45. 1st week of games May 4 and season to be done by June 15 and tourney starts 17 and done by June 25. 

Motion made that Dave will volunteer for dunk tank in speedo regardless of weather conditions

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