Current Board Members

David Smith


Autumn Nguyen


Brandon Anderson

Vice President

Sarah Howard


Kelly Brabec

Softball Commissioner

Ben Bournay

Baseball Commissioner

Zach Roop


Mike Bernard


Josh Taylor


Claire/Evan Walker

Fundraising Coordinators/IT

Ben Werner

Project Manager

Sub Commissioners

Brian Van Duyn

Baseball Machine Pitch

Steve Shaw

Baseball Minors

Jason Chicowicz

Baseball Majors/Seniors

Kaley Chapman

Baseball Assistant

Tim O'Malley

Softball Sub Commissioner

Amanda Zedrick

Softball Sub Commissioner

Mike Johnson

Softball Sub Commissioner

Santiago Rodriguez

Storm Travel Coordinator



Board of Directors Information

Harris Baseball Softball is comprised of 11 executive board of directors and 8 sub-commissioners.

Executive board member positions are 2-year elected positions with elections occuring every September. Sub-commissioners are assigned annually by the executive board. Any executive board role not filled via election will be filled by a two-thirds majority vote of the newly elected/retained Board of Directors.

If interested in volunteering in any capacity, reach out to any of the board members and we'll help answer any questions!

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