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Harris Township Junior Baseball Softball Association Boundaries
The Harris boundaries only impact certain parts of the organization:

Recreational Ball:
Our regular recreational leagues do not have boundaries.  Anybody can play in “rec ball” from any location.  If you live in Elkhart, Edwardsburg, Niles, South Bend, Fort Wayne, etc. you can play in our rec ball leagues if you choose to do so.  These players do not have to be from within our Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken boundaries.

Travel Ball:
Our travel ball teams can be made up of players from any location.  Those players do not have to be from within our Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken boundaries.  Some travel ball teams, however, may want to play recreational ball and the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth All-Star tournaments.  If your child is not within the boundaries described below, they will not be able to play in the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth district/state/regional/world series tournaments.  They will, however, be able to play in any other type of tournament (BPA, NSA, ASA, etc.)

All-Star teams:
This is where the boundaries become an issue.  To qualify for the All-Star team your child must have played recreational ball AND you must live within the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth boundaries defined below. 

Baseball is in Black
Softball is in red​
Harris Baseball Softball Boundaries