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Rainout Information


Harris Park Weather Closings -- If the fields are wet, we must ask that you stay off to prevent damage. We will try to convey this information on the website. However, if rain occurs late in the day, then we may not be able to get information out until you come to the park.

Storm and Weather Delays

The Umpire-in-Chief has the authority to suspend all play at the Park. The U-I-C is the Plate umpire on Diamond 7, unless the Park U-I-C is on the premises. All other officials should follow suit. Once play is suspended, the delay will be a minimum of 20 minutes. In the case of cold weather conditions the following guidelines should be followed: If the park temperature falls below 40° F or there is a wind chill of 35° F or below, games will not start and or play will be suspended and the park will be closed. A thermometer will be located near the concession stand and should be monitored by authorized park personnel. If a game is likely to start and conditions are expected to deteriorate during the course of the game, judgment should be used whether or not to even start the game. Umpires and coaches should be checking in if inclement weather has preceded the start of games that day.

Severe Weather policy

The Severe Weather Policy of the Harris Park is to clear the fields and dugouts for periods of not less than 15 minutes when lightening is visible or thunder is heard. The players, coaches and spectators are to leave the field and seek shelter. The home plate umpire is responsible for enforcing this policy. If the umpire believes that the weather will clear, he can request that the team and coaches wait in their cars. Once he calls the game, the park is closed and everyone should leave immediately. Safety is the number one concern of the board. Please follow the directions of the umpire and conduct yourselves in a safe manner. Thank you for your cooperation.


Rain out/ delayed game policy

  1. All rain delayed games are to be rescheduled at the earliest date available as decided by the sub-commissioners. We do not want field time left unused!! 
  2. Rain out games are not permitted to be scheduled if it becomes a teams 5th game of the week. 
  3. Please refer to section VII on pitching rules as it relates to rain out games