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Board Meeting Minutes  

March 3, 2020 

8pm – 9:15pm  



Shaun Dralle, President Amy Schramski, Vice President  

Tim Fitch, Marketing/Fundraising Coordinator Dave Smith, Softball Commissioner 

Jim Kubinski, Secretary 

Jeff Calvin, Treasurer 

Andy Breeden, Baseball Commissioner 

Brandon Anderson, Operations 


“Free Entry Contest” revealed on FACEBOOK LIVE at 8:30pm! 


Softball Winner: Alexandra Brown 15U  


Baseball Winner:Kade Buhring 7U 


1. Jeff Calvin, Treasurer, update  

-Sound cash position  

-League fees, insurance paid 

-Entries for 2020 now exceed 2018 & 2019 (at same juncture)  

-Sponsors at approximately 40. Still looking to attract.  


2.Shaun Dralle, President  

-Cam Snead Award announcement in April  

-“Backyard Bash” discussion w/ Dan Foster in attendance  

-“Bash” weather refund policy discussed (0 games = $75 retained / 1 game $100 retained)  

-Indoor Facility Renewal / Exploration discussion (need for larger area…better ability to throw) 


3.Field Equipment Needs 

-Pitching machine collar discussed  


4. Baseball Tryouts  

-March 19th Minors 5pm to 6:30 / Majors 6:30-8pm (feeding Storm)  

-Makeup Date March 20th  






5.Andy Breeden, Baseball Commissioner Update  

-Roster Clarity Rule Developed  

-Winter workouts very successful  

-Rec Coaches in good shape  

-Trending toward an extra team in both Minors and Majors  


6.Softball Tryouts  

-TBA (Dave Smith, Softball Commissioner, will announce)  


7. Tim Fitch, Marketing Fundraising Coordinator Update  

-“Opening Day Celebration” on track  

-Securing food vendors 

-Planning Bounce House  

-A “Closing Day Celebration” will depend on success of Opening Day 

-Will be focus of next Board Meeting 



Meeting Adjourned.  


No Votes Required  







Board Meeting Minutes

February 4, 2020

8pm – 9:30pm


ALL Present:                                                                                                                           

Shaun Dralle, President                                              Andy Breeden, Baseball Commissioner                                

Amy Schramski, Vice President                                  Dave Smith, Softball Commissioner

Jeff Calvin, Treasurer                                                 Brandon Anderson, Operations

Jim Kubinski, Secretary                                               Tim Fitch, Marketing/Fundraising Coordinator


1.         Jeff Calvin, Treasurer, update

            -           Sound cash position

            -           Now exceeding 2018 registrations to date, gaining on 2019

            -           Continue Facebook promotion efforts (“Boost” to 30-mile radius)


2.         Shaun Dralle, President

            -           Requested Baseball and Softball Winter Workouts coaches to help promote 2020 registration

            -           Requested Travel Coaches to help promote 2020 registration

            -           Announced Dick’s Sporting Goods on site “Harris Days” as February 15th and March 14th

            -           Suggested Harris Spirit Wear be available at May 9th Opening Celebration


3.         Field Equipment Needs

            -           Jeff noted Field 4 3rd baseline needs attention

            -           Andy suggested bases on Field 2

            -           Shaun requested home plates across park assessed

            -           Jeff running scoreboard controller checks / Will likely replace worst two this season

            -           Grounds Crew hiring discussion

            -           Grounds Crew duties: Mowing, lining, trash detail, etc.


4.         Harris Heat Softball Tournament  

            -           July 30th through August 2nd

            -           $300 entry if paid in full by July 1st

            -           $450 if paid after July 1st


5.         Harris Storm Baseball Tournament

            -           May 1st through May 3rd

            -           $325 entry, plus $100 per team for weekend parking

            -           Jim suggested $425 fee but advertise Free Parking






6.         Andy Breden, Baseball Commissioner

            -           Inquiring as to Cal Ripken status, i.e. where Harris is with fees, registration, etc.

            -           Will follow up to ensure all squared away for 2020


7.         Harris 2020 Key Calendar Dates

            -           March 14th                              Registration Closes

            -           Week of March 16th                Tryouts

            -           Week of March 23rd                League Drafts (Roster Construction)

            -           March 28th                              Park Opening Volunteer Cleanup                   10am to 1pm

            -           April 1st                                    Harris Opening Day

            -           April 3rd                                   Uniform Request Deadline (to Amy)

            -           May 9th                                    Harris 2020 Season Opening Celebrations!   10am to 4pm

            -           May 11th                                  Harris PICTURE DAY (no games or practices scheduled)

            -           May 9th – July 1st                     2020 Season / 10 Game Regular Season Schedule + Playoffs


Meeting Adjourned.


No Votes Required


Board Meeting Minutes

December 3, 2019

7pm – 8:15pm


Present:                                                                                   Absent:                                                           

Shaun Dralle, President                                                          Andy Breeden, Baseball Commissioner

Amy Schramski, Vice President

Jeff Calvin, Treasurer                                                

Jim Kubinski, Secretary                                              

Dave Smith, Softball Commissioner              

Brandon Anderson, Operations

Tim Fitch, Marketing/Fundraising Coordinator


1.         Jeff Calvin, Treasurer, update

            -           Sound cash position

            -           Field Mix delivered


2.         Shaun Dralle, President, Indoor Facility update

            -           Machine pitch balls ordered

            -           Good number of machine pitch balls donated

            -           Uniform supplies staged in downstairs office

            -           Initial safety concerns (fencing, etc.) addressed, completed or in process, by Brandon


3.         Board Discussion of Indoor Facility

            -           Board agrees no children allowed in upstairs area (loft)

            -           Signage needs to be created and posted

            -           Jim Kubinski asked that a liability release / waiver form be signed by all players & coaches using     

                        Indoor Facility. Amy Schramski offered to pursue completion of this policy.

-           Board agrees rules for Indoor Facility be posted (Amy offers to complete & asks Board members to e-mail her with any rules suggestions

-           Tim Fitch volunteers to assist Coach Dan Foster installing cage netting

-           Tim pricing ceiling net options


4.         Baseball Announces Winter Workout Schedule

            -           Andy Breden sent out invitation / info to Harris families

            -           Shawn asks coaches to participate, potentially in a rotating, minimum 3 sessions






5.         Board Establishes / Re-Institutes Softball Winter Workout Program  

            -           Dave Smith to oversee

            -           Shawn asks that coaches to participate, potentially in a rotating, minimum 3 sessions

            -           Begins in mid-January (into March…10-12 weeks discussed)

            -           Tuesday evenings at Indoor Facility

            -           $50 fee covers the 10-12 weeks (priced as new / developing program)


6.         2020 Baseball/Softball Registrations are now LIVE!

            -           Amy confirms


7.         Shawn revisits sub-Commissioner concept

            -           Board comfortable with current composition


8.         Harris Heat Softball Tournament

            -           July 30th through August 2nd

            -           10U and Up entry of $300

            -           8U entry of $150


9.         Harris Storm Baseball Tournament

            -           Tentative date May 1st through May 3rd (needs Andy’s confirmation)

            -           Jim suggests eliminating “Invitational” from naming and promoting open event


10.       2020 OPENING DAY

            -           Discussion of either May 2nd or May 9th (to be finalized at January meeting)

            -           Amy needs minimum 4 weeks lead time from team formation for uniform process

            -           Jim suggests May 2nd Opening with Tryouts week of March 23rd – 27th



No Votes Required









Board Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2019

7pm – 9pm



Shaun Dralle, President                                             

Amy Schramski, Vice President

Jeff Calvin, Treasurer                                                

Jim Kubinski, Secretary

Andy Breeden, Baseball Commissioner                                            

Dave Smith, Softball Commissioner              

Brandon Anderson, Operations

Tim Fitch, Marketing/Fundraising Coordinator


Absent:            None


1.         Jeff Calvin, Treasurer, updated on sound cash position


2.         Shaun Dralle, President, Asked Baseball and Softball to consider employing sub-Commissioners

            -           Could assist with various responsibilities (Example: Practice & Game Scheduling, Tryouts, etc.)

            -           Would build experience/foundation for those interested in future Board service

            -           Concept also suggested by Jim Kubinski in June/July correspondence with Board

            -           If no sub-Commissioners, are Harris coaches next alternative?

            -           Conversation Tabled for Future Discussion


3.         Baseball / Softball Travel Discussion

            -           Baseball continuing to develop All Star program w/ increased Travel emphasis possible in 2021


4.         Harris Indoor Facility Discussion

            -           Shaun shared his preference for a year round facility (short term leasing plan / long term build)

            -           Leasing possibilities debated for both 6 and 12 month leases  

            -           Leasing commitment discussed for both Harris Rec. and Harris Travel teams

                        VOTE: 8-0      

in favor of: 6 mo. Initial Lease / Travel Teams $1250 per / Rec. maximum $4,000 commitment

            -           Discussion of sponsorship / naming rights to offset costs…supported and tabled

-               Jim Kubinski asked for future discussion of establishing permanent, Harris owned facility






5.         Rates for 2020 discussed

                        VOTE:  8-0

                        in favor of:      No Change in Fees (2020 remains the same as 2019)


                        4U                                $65

                        Tee & 6U                     $90

                        All Others                    $120

                        Family Discount          $30


                        No “Early Bird” Discount


6.         Tournament Dates


            Backyard Bash                        April 24-26

            Backyard Bash II                      May 22-24


            Harris Heat                             TBA


            Harris Storm Invitational*      TBA


            *Potential name change to “Open” tournament