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Harris Board Meeting: 3-8-2021
Attendees: Shaun Dralle, Brandon Anderson, Andy Breden, Jeff Calvin, Dave Smith, Tim Fitch, Mike Foley, Emily Stauffacher
Not Present: Aaron Schramski
  • Concession Stand
    • Need to install electric for new oven
  • Registrations
    • Ideal roster sizes discussed, 10-11 per team
    • Numbers are looking strong all around
    • Need to set firm cut off date for adding new players to allow commissioners to determine the number of teams per division. March 14 suggested
  • Rec Rules
    • Baseball discussing distances for Majors baseball, 46/60 vs 50/70. Will discuss at coaches meeting, field 2 should be able to accommodate both distances.
    • Sub-Commisioners
      • Minors Baseball - John Demming
      • Majors Baseball - Chad O'Brien
      • High School Softball - Amy Schramski
      • 12U Softball - Jim Flynn
      • 10U Softball - Tim O'Malley
  • Operations
    • New Gator to be picked up this weekend
    • Drainage issues in parking lot discussed, will monitor to see if they need pumped out or cleaned
    • Netting in progress on fields 5 & 6
    • Need for netting on the road side of Field 2 discussed
    • We will be meeting with a contractor do discuss lighting options for fields 3, 4, & 8 on Friday
    • Idea of a digital sign along the road was brought up
  • Tryouts
    • Minors and Majors will be March 28th
    • Seniors TBD
    • Draft will be at Beef O'Bradys
    • All softball tryouts will be March 24th
  • Interleague Play
    • Majors Baseball looking to work with Baugo, Penn Park, and East End
    • 12U/High School Softball to work with East Side
  • Scheduling
    • Allow rec teams 4 practices before games start, travel teams can fill in available openings
  • Financials
    • In a strong position
    • Sponsor numbers are looking good, continuing to add more
    • Concession stand sponsorship was discussed. Finalizing terms with sponsor
  • IUSB coach was not present, we will have port-a-potties installed before their game March 13
  • UIC - No issues
February 2021 Board meeting Minutes:
  • Madilyn Rice was the winner of the free registration.
  • Registration
    • Numbers looking good so far, currently at 290, 60 more than last year at this point
    • Tryouts will be scheduled for March 28 and will be on field 2 & 3
    • We plan to have a coaches meeting before tryouts
  • Equipment
    • A new pitcher's mound is needed and was approved
    • Some home plates need replaced, will most likely use the 2" thick plates
    • Need to order some practice balls, game ball stock should be good
    • A new gator is needed, a used unit was approved for $6,000
    • Catcher's gear is a need, look at League Outfitters
    • Meet on Monday March 1st at the barn to inventory equipment
  • DSG Agreement
    • They have pledged to support us again and will distribute money through a combination of gift cards and other ways
    • Andy will control the $ provided by DSG 
  • Sponsor Talk
    • We are providing links to sponsor's websites on the Harris website
    • Discussed donating pictures to sponsors, creating a collage if multiple teams are sponsored
    • Field 7 & 8 naming rights are available
    • Concession stand was discussed as an opportunity to sponsor
    • Park will try to increase the use of Sponsor names when referring to fields, Ex. Chevy Field instead of Field 1
  • Baseball
    • Signups are looking good
    • Babe Ruth required background checks may be an issue, Aaron will dig into
    • Dominate the Diamond discussed again
    • We will have a coaches meeting in March and will gauge coaches interest in investing in the program
  • Softball
    • Spring tournament scheduled for 4-23 does not have much interest yet, will decide at March board meeting if tournament should proceed
    • Plan to host skills clinics at the Barn
    • Discussed a partnership with facility in Niles for travel programs
    • Dwigans family would like to meet and discuss the Piper tourney for 2021
  • Other
    • Sean and Mike will work on lighting for Fields 3 & 4
    • Sean Doi will be UIC
    • Financials are looking good
Here are the meeting minutes from the December 14th board meeting. There are some issues we need to address within the next week to get registration started for rec. If I missed anything or anything needs corrected please let me know.
All present except Aaron
Indoor Facility
Inspections were discussed, appraisal was scheduled for 12/15  Discussion over how to deal with potential water or contamination issues. Insurance company was going to extremely overvalue the property at $800,000 leading to costly premiums. Looking at new insurance options. We need to verify that property taxes are still being waived for the previous year so that we don't have a property tax bill due when we take possession. Potential travel team fees for indoor facility usage were discussed. 
Rec Registration
No early bird discount again this year, will probably still do the raffle for a free season. Rate changes were discussed, no plans to increase our rates pending an audit of what other parks are charging for the upcoming season. We will look at other parks this week and use that information to determine whether our rates need to change. An opening date for the season needs to be set. Uniform options are being presented. Shaun brought a sample of dry fit type shirts with MLB logos as an option. Game scheduling was discussed, tentative plan to have games only Monday-Thursday and reserve weekends for makeup games/tournaments. 10 game rec season discussed. Idea of having a coaches meeting for all rec coaches to outline expectations and give guidance. Dominate the Diamond program mentioned again.
Harris Tournaments
May 7th was chosen as the date for the Harris Bash. 4gg, $300 with $20 parking discussed as the fee structure. 
Baseball will host a tournament May 14. Age groups 8-13, fees to be determined.
May 27 is the date for Shaun Dralle USSSA tournament, 6gg, 60 minute drop dead
July 30 set as date for Harris Heat tournament
Hosting Babe Ruth district level tournaments was discussed
Past Time baseball games discussed as being hosted at Harris
Dwigans Tournament
A $10,000 gift was given from proceeds raised during the Piper Dwigans tournament
Potential sub-commissioners for baseball and softball were discussed
Approve using Emily as concession stand manager again this season. 
Looking at setting up 2 Dick's shopping days
Finances are ok, discussing background checks for coaches, need a bigger mound for baseball ($1,000), Anderson wants a new Gator
Here are the minutes from the October 14th meeting. All in attendance except Jeff Calvin.
  1. Fall Ball Status
                   Baseball is still going, softball is done. It was successful, but took up a lot of time. Look into less games, more skills practice next year, the $50 price point seemed good.
             Piper Tourney recap/Storm Round Robin/Pumpkin Bash
                      Money was received, tourney was successful financially. Gift amount to be determined. Storm round robin went well, would like to do again in spring before rec season. Looking at April 23 for a softball tournament. There are two other tournaments in the area around that time period. Should tournament sizes be capped? Parking is our biggest concer
              Indoor Facility (need a committee)
                        Discussions ongoing
                Sub-Commissioners Baseball/Softball/Travel)
                        Discussed setting commissioners at 12 & under and 16 & under
                 New UIC?
                         Discussed how to bring in more umpires, and how to improve their training. The idea of a no compete clause was discussed, or priority scheduling for Harris. Can we pull in older players from local teams, or host an umpire teaching clinic to increase the pool.
                       New grounds equipment options discussed, as well as the idea of adding permanent lines to the field. Coaching programs could be offered, Dominate the Diamond is a recommended program
                        Their season is wrapping up, they have no issues and feel it went well. They are going to replace some sprinkler heads and discussed turfing the infield.



Board Meeting

Sept 2020

Fall Ball Status Baseball/Softball
  • 7u starting the following week
  • 70-80 softball players signed up
  • Field availability and scheduling issues discussed
  • 4 teams per division in baseball
Piper Tourney
  • 40+ teams coming
  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday dates
  • No grounds crew
  • Money will go through Jeff
  • Parking money will go to the Dwigans family
Select a new UIC
  • Discussed pay rate for umpires $30/$35
  • Possibility of having online scheduling
  • pay rate for UIC rec vs. tourney
  • Possible candidates discussed, Luke (Sam's brother)
Who will handle scheduling
  • Should be a single person to reduce confusion/conflict
  • Aaron should be that person
Netting between fields 1 & 2
  • 20 feet of netting needed between fields 1 & 2
  • Would cost approximately $7,000-$8,000
  • Increasing height of backstops on fields 5 & 6 discussed, approximately $2,000
IUSB Updates
  • Discussed a new agreement
  • Field sizes discussed
  • We are in a sound cash position, +$30,000
Open Topics
  • Trash and Joy Johns were discussed
  • Alignment with Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth
Indoor Facility
  • Board went to St Joe farm and toured location with Paul
  • Discussed terms of contract and potential hurdles
  • Board will await contract to be sent by Paul's lawyer

Board Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2019

7pm – 9pm



Shaun Dralle, President                                             

Amy Schramski, Vice President

Jeff Calvin, Treasurer                                                

Jim Kubinski, Secretary

Andy Breeden, Baseball Commissioner                                            

Dave Smith, Softball Commissioner              

Brandon Anderson, Operations

Tim Fitch, Marketing/Fundraising Coordinator


Absent:            None


1.         Jeff Calvin, Treasurer, updated on sound cash position


2.         Shaun Dralle, President, Asked Baseball and Softball to consider employing sub-Commissioners

            -           Could assist with various responsibilities (Example: Practice & Game Scheduling, Tryouts, etc.)

            -           Would build experience/foundation for those interested in future Board service

            -           Concept also suggested by Jim Kubinski in June/July correspondence with Board

            -           If no sub-Commissioners, are Harris coaches next alternative?

            -           Conversation Tabled for Future Discussion


3.         Baseball / Softball Travel Discussion

            -           Baseball continuing to develop All Star program w/ increased Travel emphasis possible in 2021


4.         Harris Indoor Facility Discussion

            -           Shaun shared his preference for a year round facility (short term leasing plan / long term build)

            -           Leasing possibilities debated for both 6 and 12 month leases  

            -           Leasing commitment discussed for both Harris Rec. and Harris Travel teams

                        VOTE: 8-0      

in favor of: 6 mo. Initial Lease / Travel Teams $1250 per / Rec. maximum $4,000 commitment

            -           Discussion of sponsorship / naming rights to offset costs…supported and tabled

-               Jim Kubinski asked for future discussion of establishing permanent, Harris owned facility


5.         Rates for 2020 discussed

                        VOTE:  8-0

                        in favor of:      No Change in Fees (2020 remains the same as 2019)


                        4U                                $65

                        Tee & 6U                     $90

                        All Others                    $120

                        Family Discount          $30


                        No “Early Bird” Discount


6.         Tournament Dates


            Backyard Bash                                    April 24-26

            Backyard Bash            II                      May 22-24


            Harris Heat                             TBA


            Harris Storm Invitational*      TBA


            *Potential name change to “Open” tournament