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Practice Sunday 5/9
by posted 05/09/2021

Practice Today Canceled (5/9/2021)

Even if the fields are not washed out, I don't see it being a very pleasent day to practice.   So have a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Thank you to all the moms who help bring their kids to the ball field each day.  We could not have the season without you.

Remember, our first game is Tuesday.  If you can help, I have an "assignment" for every player between now and then: sit down with Mom or Dad and watch 15 minutes of baseball.  DVR a game so you can fast forward to some action with runners on base, and quiz them a little about where are the force outs, where are the fielders going to throw it if the ball is hit to them.  Watch the runners and how they hold on a fly ball, slide on a close play, etc.  Watch how the pitchers tuck and stay balanced with their front shoulder/elbow leading the way to the plate, and how the batters keep their balance with their feet "still" as they watch the pitch come in - whether it is a strike or not.  A few minutes of seeing the pros do it goes a long ways.  Teaching the game takes a little concentration and effort, and your help will go a long ways to get ready for gametime.

See you all on Tuesday.  Our uniforms are royal blue by the way.  If you can pick up some socks to match and maybe a belt.


-Coach JD

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