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by posted 05/06/2021

Good afternoon parents.  I first want to say thank you to those who were able to help last night at practice and to those who are putting together a team snack schedule.  I felt we had a great practice last night.  By the end of the season, I think these boys will learn a lot about baseball.  And thats what it's all about.  


Team Pictures

It looks like we are scheduled to take pictures at 5:30 this coming Monday.  This will be on the large field in the outfield.  I believe it's field 7.  I will be picking up jerseys tomorrow night.  Again, our team colors are Kelly Green and white.  I am asking for a little bit of help.  I know it is always difficult getting to the park by 5:30.  My oldest son's game, which I am also coaching, starts right at 5:30.  If you could please try to be ready to go by 5:15 if possible.  I really appreciate your help on this if you can make it happen.  


Thank parents!!  Happy Birthday to Zach, and Happy Mothers Day to all of the moms.  

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by posted 04/28/2021

I am canceling tonights practice.  100% chance of rain until 8:00.  I will work on rescheduling tonights practice.  Stay tuned.  Thanks you parents.


Coach Scott

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by posted 04/26/2021



Just wanted to thank everyone for giving up your Sunday for practice.  I'm not a big Sunday practice guy.  But I thought it went really well.  Thank you to everyone that helped out as well.  We have practice again on Wed at 6:45.  See you then.  


Coach Scott 

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