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Board Meeting

Sept 2020

Fall Ball Status Baseball/Softball
  • 7u starting the following week
  • 70-80 softball players signed up
  • Field availability and scheduling issues discussed
  • 4 teams per division in baseball
Piper Tourney
  • 40+ teams coming
  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday dates
  • No grounds crew
  • Money will go through Jeff
  • Parking money will go to the Dwigans family
Select a new UIC
  • Discussed pay rate for umpires $30/$35
  • Possibility of having online scheduling
  • pay rate for UIC rec vs. tourney
  • Possible candidates discussed, Luke (Sam's brother)
Who will handle scheduling
  • Should be a single person to reduce confusion/conflict
  • Aaron should be that person
Netting between fields 1 & 2
  • 20 feet of netting needed between fields 1 & 2
  • Would cost approximately $7,000-$8,000
  • Increasing height of backstops on fields 5 & 6 discussed, approximately $2,000
IUSB Updates
  • Discussed a new agreement
  • Field sizes discussed
  • We are in a sound cash position, +$30,000
Open Topics
  • Trash and Joy Johns were discussed
  • Alignment with Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth
Indoor Facility
  • Board went to St Joe farm and toured location with Paul
  • Discussed terms of contract and potential hurdles
  • Board will await contract to be sent by Paul's lawyer

Board Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2019

7pm – 9pm



Shaun Dralle, President                                             

Amy Schramski, Vice President

Jeff Calvin, Treasurer                                                

Jim Kubinski, Secretary

Andy Breeden, Baseball Commissioner                                            

Dave Smith, Softball Commissioner              

Brandon Anderson, Operations

Tim Fitch, Marketing/Fundraising Coordinator


Absent:            None


1.         Jeff Calvin, Treasurer, updated on sound cash position


2.         Shaun Dralle, President, Asked Baseball and Softball to consider employing sub-Commissioners

            -           Could assist with various responsibilities (Example: Practice & Game Scheduling, Tryouts, etc.)

            -           Would build experience/foundation for those interested in future Board service

            -           Concept also suggested by Jim Kubinski in June/July correspondence with Board

            -           If no sub-Commissioners, are Harris coaches next alternative?

            -           Conversation Tabled for Future Discussion


3.         Baseball / Softball Travel Discussion

            -           Baseball continuing to develop All Star program w/ increased Travel emphasis possible in 2021


4.         Harris Indoor Facility Discussion

            -           Shaun shared his preference for a year round facility (short term leasing plan / long term build)

            -           Leasing possibilities debated for both 6 and 12 month leases  

            -           Leasing commitment discussed for both Harris Rec. and Harris Travel teams

                        VOTE: 8-0      

in favor of: 6 mo. Initial Lease / Travel Teams $1250 per / Rec. maximum $4,000 commitment

            -           Discussion of sponsorship / naming rights to offset costs…supported and tabled

-               Jim Kubinski asked for future discussion of establishing permanent, Harris owned facility


5.         Rates for 2020 discussed

                        VOTE:  8-0

                        in favor of:      No Change in Fees (2020 remains the same as 2019)


                        4U                                $65

                        Tee & 6U                     $90

                        All Others                    $120

                        Family Discount          $30


                        No “Early Bird” Discount


6.         Tournament Dates


            Backyard Bash                                    April 24-26

            Backyard Bash            II                      May 22-24


            Harris Heat                             TBA


            Harris Storm Invitational*      TBA


            *Potential name change to “Open” tournament